One of Omega Phi Alpha's three cardinal principles, service, is the common thread that motivates and deeply inspires all Omega Phi Alpha members. Rather than focusing on a single philanthropy, we direct our efforts toward performing chapter and individual service projects in six areas. These areas correspond to the direct beneficiaries of the projects. Each collegiate chapter is required to plan at least six projects per semester, one project for each of the six areas. Through the years, OPA sisters have donated hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours. In the 2017-18 academic year, the Omega chapter logged more than 2534 service hours and raised over $25,346 for charity.

Permanent Project | Mental Health

The national Permanent Project is mental health in honor of former National President Susan Terzian.

The Omega chapter has been volunteering for the Buddy Ball organization of Edison since it was rechartered in 2015. The non-profit organization gives children of varying levels of special needs an opportunity to play organized sports. Over the course of the year, this program helps build confidence, positivity, and happiness for the kids. Each sister is a "buddy" paired with a child. Our chapter since it was founded has volunteered with Buddy Ball, and they rely on our continued support and are very appreciative.

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President's Project | Building 2000 Bridges

Each year, our National President chooses a project for all chapters to focus on. This year, the current National President created a project called "Building Two Thousand Bridges" which focused on tolerance, respect, and understanding on campus.

To us, we thought the best way to do this was to do service projects with organizations who also value and celebrate diversity. We cosponsored Omega Phi Chi Sorority's "To Walk A Mile In Her Shoes". We also partnered with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and ran a donation drive to benefit local veterans and for "Wands for Wildlife" to benefit the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge.

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University Community

The Omega Chapter helps make the Rutgers University-New Brunswick campus a better place. We support the university by giving back through volunteer efforts that directly benefit students, faculty and staff.

The sisters of the Omega Chapter help improve Rutgers University's environment through hands-on volunteering projects in order to beautify our campus. We volunteer at the various gardens within the university, including the Rutgers Gardens, Livingston Gardens, and the Ecological Preserve. We also participate in off-campus clean-ups after football games in the fall and other environmental volunteering opportunities.

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Community at Large

Community at Large projects involve sisters sharing their time and talents at many nonprofit organizations around the community. We advocate for social causes and promote the well-being of the New Brunswick community.

This year, Omega Phi Alpha is raising awareness for Food Insecurity in New Brunswick by hosting service learning workshops, volunteering with the Christ Church and Five Loaves food pantries, and creating meal packages for housing insecure clients at New Brunswick's Code Blues nights. In the past, we have partnered with Unchained At Last, a nonprofit dedicated to helping women and girls leave or avoid arranged/forced marriages.

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Members of the Sorority

One of our main 6 projects is the Members of the Sorority project where we serve ourselves and our sisters. We perform service to the membership which directly benefits our sisters, actives and alumnae.

This semester, the sisters of Omega Phi Alpha led their own workshops on a topic they wanted to teach to the members of our sorority. The workshops encompassed a variety of important skills including how to deal with group conflict, change a spare tire, and avoid phishing scams. Through these programs, we are able to create a family away from home, and empower each other to grow and prosper in all walks of life.

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Nations of the World

Our sisters perform international service to those living outside the United States through our Nations of the World projects.

Currently, we are supporting our alumna, Greyce, in her PeaceCorps mission as a health volunteer in Senegal (West Africa). She will be there for the next 2 years and has many goals in mind to help her community that we support through donations. In the past, we have worked with the Pad Project to provide women in third-world countries with menstrual hygiene products. We partnered with Sole Hope to make shoes out of old denim for children in Africa, and made reusable glasses cases for a Rutgers Global Brigades Trip.

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